What We Do:

At Supertek Wireless, our iPhone repair specialists are trained to fix and repair any type of iPhone, iPad  problem.

We repair all iPhone models . Your phone can be fragile and accidents can happen that cause external and internal components to break. We can fix any problem, on your schedule, performing most repairs in 30 minutes or less.

ModelGlass / LCD ReplacementCameraHome ButtonPower KeyBatteryCharging PortSim Tray
iPhone 4 / 4s$50$30$40$40$30$30$10
iPhone 5 $49$40$25$45$45$40$20
iPhone 5C$49$40$25$45$45$40$20
iPhone 5S$49$40$25$45$45$40$20
iPhone SE$49$40$25$45$45$40$20
iPhone 6$58$50$25$65$55$55$20
iPhone 6 Plus$69$50$25$65$55$55$20
iPhone 6S$79$65$25$65$60$55$20
iPhone 6S Plus$99$65$25$65$60$55$20
iPhone 7$99$50$25$75$65$70$20
iPhone 7 Plus$139$65$25$75$65$70$20


Note : After replace home button on iPhone 5s or higher, finger touch will not work.

*We also offer an impressive array of screen protectors, phone cases, and various phone accessories so that you get to use every function your phone is capable of